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Poughkeepsie is an unconventional love story that is as dark and violent as it is heartwarmingly triumphant. Having been hook-line-and-sinker’d into this story since day one, I initially asked the author’s permission to create a book cover to represent the world that had baited me. While she did get a contract with Omnific Publishing, she was unable to use the design for the jacket. It is, however featured on her author site.

Though I went on to create promotional pieces for Poughkeepsie and her other series (The Seraphim Series), I had also made some promotional t-shirts through Cafe Press prior to Poughkeepsie‘s release. The author also asked me to bring to life the tattoo featured prominently in the story — a bond between the three brothers. The design was used on the cover image, as well as inside the book as section dividers, and on DebraAnastasia.com.

Lastly, I’ve also included an e-book cover for her short story, Shackled, featured on her site, as well as a couple of promotional web pieces and postcards commissioned by Debra for blog-hopping tours and book shows. Poughkeepsie and The Seraphim series are available on Amazon.com for kindle and print, and Omnific’s official site. A sequel, Return to Poughkeepsie will be released December 2013.